Malika Coston

More about Malika Coston, Riding Instructor

at Kootenai Creek Equestrian Center

Quotes from clients, students and apprentices:

· “ I completely trust Malika to know and guide me through the critical aspects of understanding and working with my horse. She holds incredible wisdom about the psyche of horse and rider that contributes to a sound relationship with the horse.”

· “ Malika’s experience allows her to quickly assess the needs of horse and rider. Her keen eye and deep understanding of horses allows her to get the heart of training problems and behavioral issues in order to help riders move beyond their own learning plateau.”

· “ I appreciate Malika as a patient teacher who excels at providing clear instruction. Her teaching is based on the principles of classical horsemanship, but she makes those esoteric concepts, such as balance, collection and carriage, easy to understand.”

· “ Malika takes the mystery out of horse training and gives riders tangible tools to help them improve the quality of their riding experience. As she does for all of her clients, she gave my horse and I the critical information needed to make improvements and the confidence to make those changes.”

· “ Because of Malika’s steady guidance I have been able to transform my initially willful and stubborn warm-blood mare into a well-mannered and charming show hunter.”

• ” One of the many great things about working with Malika is the way she expertly handles the balance of keeping you comfortable and working with exactly where you are at, yet simultaneously challenging you out of your comfort zone. When working with Malika I am continually learning and growing. As a trainer and a teacher she finds amazing ways to communicate with both horses and people!”