Veronica Brown-Yoga/Healing Body Work

Veronica Brown, Yoga Instructor and Healing Bodywork

Quotes from Veronica Brown’s Clients:

“The best cure for what ails you is Veronica Brown!”  Dave Stewart (Rolling Stone Magazine)

“I went through a traumatic experience and with Veronica’s healing I had a successful recovery for which I am grateful.  VB is no ordinary therapist. She doesn’t look at the body/mind/soul as separate pieces. Instinctively she sees everything as a whole. Therefore after a session with her, you feel healed- not only physically but also spiritually rejuvenated.” Dave Stewart, (Eurythmics)

Veronica Brown is a conductor of rejuvenation for the human experience.  She helped me reach my potential while on tour in ways that were not possible without her. I will always be grateful for time spent working with her. Because of Veronica we’re ending healthier than we started. Veronica truly exorcised my demons!” Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Everybody has different things that keep them together… we have Veronica!” Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers (Missoulian)

“Veronica Brown has been my yoga instructor and mentor for over ten years. I cannot overstate the value of her teaching in my life. When I stumbled into her class ten years ago, I left a changed person. Not only did she help me heal my body from several chronic health problems, she helped me learn to manage stress and find a spiritual aspect to my life. I am now a full-time yoga instructor and yoga therapist – thanks to her subtle and steady guidance over the years. I have studied with many wonderful teachers, but have found her knowledge of the physical, energetic and spiritual practice of yoga unparalleled. With grace and humor, Veronica guides her students inwards and encourages them to explore their body, breath and spirit in a way that is truly profound. I have reached meditative states in her classes that are unlike anything else I have experienced. Veronica is a truly gifted healer, body-worker and yogi. I truly feel that no words I can write will do her justice. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Lauren Maher CYT/RYT, Yoga teacher and former student.

• “Being worked on by Veronica is like listening to the music of a master composer—both know where to go to keep the experience continually moving, relaxing, energizing, uplifting and inspiring.” Rivers Cuomo, Weezer.

• “I am super happy, humble, inspired and grateful for my teacher, Veronica Brown!  I keep her advice to laugh A LOT in mind.  Because no matter what, laughing feels GOOD!   Veronica is gifted and connected, and I describe her as that rare kind of person you read about in some amazing book – but she actually exists! Veronica Brown is a rare, intuitive, healer and teacher.  Through yogic teachings, I began a journey of discovery, healing, growth and awareness.  She teaches and heals with an open heart, a sense of humor, wisdom and warmth.  Meeting her and working with her is positively life altering.Andrew David Roascio, Yoga teacher and former student, Fashion/Ad Producer.

• “To call what Veronica offers “massage” is completely inaccurate.  She brings a consciousness; mindfulness and care to her touch that is very rare and makes you feel incredibly taken care of.  Her masterful skill combined with her deep spirituality, gentle compassion and commitment to healing, make receiving bodywork from Veronica a deeply relaxing and transformative experience.  Not only does my body always feel better after working with her, my heart is more open and my mind is at peace.  She’s an angel.” Lisa Guerrin PHD, Equine Therapist; Owner, Lion Heart Equestrian Center, CA.