Yoga-Ride Retreat

Yoga and Natural Horsemanship Retreats

With Malika Coston, Riding Instructor

& Veronica Brown, Yoga  and Healing Bodywork

Let Your Dream Ride Come True!”

• Improve your balance, concentration and alignment.

• Enhance horse rider connection and responsiveness.

• Attain tangible, tailored methods to improve your ride and your health!

• Learn healing massage techniques for you and your horse.

• Improve confidence and  have fun!


Yoga Ride Retreat

 (Dates TBA) 

Kootenai Creek Equestrian Center

Stevensville, MT.

Treat you and your horse  to a 2-day Yoga Ride Retreat at Kootenai  Creek Equestrian Center this summer. Includes Yoga sessions especially tailored to help you become a better rider, with emphasis on breath, centering, developing core strength and total body/self awareness, as well as relaxation, focus and energizing techniques. Students will then  apply this  experience to their riding techniques and rider/horse relationship during riding sessions each day.  

(No Yoga experience necessary; Horses and boarding available.)

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Special Offering!!: 1- 1/2 Hr. Kundalini Yoga Classes with Veronica Brown, Instructor

 (Dates TBA), Kootenai Creek Equestrian Center.

Unlock your full potential with an exclusive Kundalini Yoga class offered by Yoga instructor Veronica Brown.  Kundalini Yoga is a form of Yoga that concentrates on the breath, mind, body and spirit to achieve heightened awareness, deep relaxation, health, stress release, energy and creative potential. The class is suitable for all ages and abilities. No experience is necessary. The class will be held at the studio in the barn, Kootenai Creek Equestrian Center, Stevensville, MT.

Contact us if you wish to receive dates and times of the Kundalini Yoga class.


To schedule Yoga Ride Retreats in your area:

Malika and Veronica are available  to conduct Yoga Ride Retreats world-wide. Scheduling now for 2012-13.  Please contact us to schedule an exciting, personally fulfilling and healing yoga retreat for riders at an equestrian facility in your area.


 What is Yoga Ride?

Sister teaching duo Malika Coston and Veronica Brown have combined forces with the belief that the horse will only perform as well as your body and mind allows the horse to. The use of yoga, healing arts, and expert equestrian instruction are used in the Yoga Ride Retreats to unify the elements of both intuitive natural horsemanship and healing Yoga/Bodywork to develop a higher level of confidence, centeredness and deeper connection and relationship between horse and rider. Elevate your riding techniques and experience beyond your imagination!


Remember to BREATHE, and enjoy the RIDE!!!